Teaching experience

I have taught the following two undergraduate courses in MIS department, University of Arizona: (a) MIS 111 – Computers and Internetworked Society (Summer 2016), and (b) MIS 331 – Database Management Systems (Fall 2017). In addition, I have worked as a teaching assistant during Spring 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Spring 2018 and Fall 2018 semesters for MIS 587 – Business Intelligence; an 8-week mini-semester course offered by Professor Sudha Ram in the MISonline Masters’ program. MIS 111 was the first course I got to teach in a university setting, with a class strength of 17 students. Besides the traditional topics such as database and systems design, I covered current topics such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, human computer interaction, business intelligence and big data in this introductory course. Overall rating for teaching effectiveness in the teacher course evaluation (TCE) survey was 4.69/5.00. I took up the challenge of teaching a more technical course during the semester by electing to teach the database management systems (MIS 331) course in Fall 2017. It was a larger class with 59 students, mostly in their junior or senior years of college. Overall rating for teaching effectiveness in the teacher course evaluation (TCE) survey was 3.79/5.00. My teaching experience in the MIS department at Eller College of Management, University of Arizona has been a greatly enabling experience. It included experience in course design, coordinating with teaching assistants, exposure to a diverse student population, and teaching challenging topics.

Teaching effectiveness

Here you will find documents that demonstrate my teaching effectiveness and practice. Feel free to click below or navigate through the pages.